My First Experience With a Nairobi Prostitute

My First Experience With a Nairobi Prostitute

My First Experience With a Nairobi ProstituteAll my life I had dreams of going to Nairobi like most of my older cousins. I had seen photos of how great the buildings looked, and I was told the smell of money fills the air. Most of all, I heard that the women there were the most beautiful you could ever see, and they loved rugged farm-bred young men like me. I knew I would enjoy it.

The 14 seater shuttle flew into a dark tunnel and interrupted my daydreams. We were on the wide smooth road from Thika, and it was unlike anything I’d ever seen in my native part of the country. It was raining a few minutes when the shuttle stopped at its Nairobi booking office and we alighted. The rain must have sent the beautiful women scampering to save their hair; I’d heard that about them. I walked down the street to find a place to shelter from the rain before I could figure out how to get to my cousin’s place.

That’s when I looked up a stairway right on the pavement and my heart almost stopped. There were many women standing there talking. They all had hair that seemed like it should never be rained on, and they were dressed in ways I’d never seen. I saw short skirts that exposed soft inner thighs. Tight pants that exaggerated the roundness of enormous behinds. Tiny blouses that had enormous breasts almost bursting out of them. I knew I would have to take a closer look.

I wasn’t as naïve as most villagers on their first day in town. I knew I had to be careful. I grasped my bag tighter and put my hand in the pocket that had the 200 shillings I had left, then I made my way up the heavenly stairway. The first lady I passed looked at me like she could read my thoughts. She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her as if she wanted to shove my whole body in between her cleavage. I broke free and took a few more steps towards the top, with all their eyes now on me.

I quickly made it to the top of the stairway. As quickly as I could while fighting off all the hands trying to pull me in their direction while others made quick dips in my pockets. Someone blurted out that they should let me be since there was no money in any of my pockets, and this filled the whole stairway with laughter.

At the top, the doorway opened up into a large hall filled with low tables and wooden benches. All these were filled with mostly men, some of whom stared at me the whole time as I made my way to an empty corner. The air is thick with cigarette smoke but the smell of stale spilled beer and the nearby bathrooms still managed to fight through and assault my nose.

Even before I sat down, I was promptly joined by a young-looking girl who put her hand around and my shoulder and asked me if I was ready to pay for a room. I was startled. I wasn’t sure what was going on. Even before I could find my voice, she had shoved her hand underneath the table and grabbed my slightly evident erection. I became permanently speechless as she gave me a long talk about how much fun we would have at a price I couldn’t refuse.

My weak protests were met with a few insults. I couldn’t understand city talk too well, but she said something about village boys not knowing a good thing when they see it. By this time, her hand had already been successful in undoing my pants’ buttons and zipper. She shoved her hand in there and grabbed my now completely erect dick and looked at me straight in the eyes.

“Nunua kitu nikunywe basi!” she barked.

I pulled out the hand that had been in my pocket the whole time and placed the 200 bob on the table. She took it and waved it to the only waitress, who came over and placed a beer in front of the lady who was now vigorously stroking my dick in her hands. She took a gulp and turned her attention to me again. I was enjoying it so much I could barely hear her talking.

Her rant was soon cut short by my cum shooting out and spilling all over her hand. I let out a grunt of pleasure and collapsed backward leaning on the wall, my eyes closed and my lips formed into a smile. She wiped her hand on my pants and asked me to pay up because she had other work to do.

What? I was listening now. She was looking at me with murder in her eyes. I tried to explain that all the money I had was spent on that beer.

“Haukua unaskiza? Nilikuambia ukimwaga unalipa!”